Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Email: Treatment postponed

I just wanted to let you all know that my treatment this week has been postponed until next week due to low platelet counts. Obviously I am a little disappointed but it is out of my control. They have given me some medicine to help stimulate red blood cell growth so that should help. This issue is completely normal it happens all the time and in no way should it effect my treatment other than it will take longer than I had hoped.
On a good note I shaved my head this morning, so my pirate look is back just in time for the premier of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie! J

Talk to you all soon –


Monday, May 22, 2006

Email 05/22/06

I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I am doing well. I appreciate all of the phone calls and emails. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to speak with most of you. Today has been the first day that I can put together a coherent thought and I have been spending most of my time up until now drugged and asleep (try not to be jealous). I assure you that I am doing well just really tired and ready for this to be over already.

I promise to be in touch soon –


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Treatment Plan Email for Chemo Part 2

Ok –
So let me start off by saying I really appreciate all the calls and concern. We just finalized the treatment plan today and I just thought that instead of calling everyone and explaining it a million times it would be easier to type it up.
The plan this time is to use a combination of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and radiation. The stem cell transplant it is the new way to do what many of you would know as a bone marrow transplant. The good news is that I will be using my own stem cells so I don’t need to look for a donor. Many of you have offered and I am so thankful for that – even though I don’t need it there might be someone else out there who does so if you’re interested in finding out more about the registration process go to this site. http://www.marrow.org/ (ok enough with the public service announcement.)

I will begin chemo on Tuesday, May 16th. This new chemo is administered over a 3 day period. I am going to have 3 cycles of chemo so my dates are; May 16-18 and May 30 – June 1
Then scans and lots of tests the week of June 5th to ensure it is working.
If all is well…chemo again on June 13-15
Then drugs to get my stem cells out and about June 19th – 23rd
Then harvesting stem cells June 26th – 28th (these dates will move depending on my levels/lab work)
First couple weeks of July some high dose chemo and then the stem cell transplant
Then for about 30 days I will got to the Dr. everyday to ensure I that don’t get sick since my body will be trying to re-establish my immune system
Then a break and probably Aug-Sept 28 days of radiation.

So – that is the plan. Sounds like fun huh?

I plan on beating this again so no worries…I know with your help and my kick butt attitude we will do this again!

xoxo – Becca