Thursday, April 05, 2007

2 articles worth the read....

Hello everyone!
So I know 2 things in one day is a lot from me but I HAD to forward this on. Yesterday while walking through the airport I picked up this weeks issue of Newsweek which had a cover of story of HOW I LIVE WITH CANCER. Don’t worry I am not trying to pretend I read this every week, clearly the cover story caught my eye. As I was reading the article in the airport I can’t lie, tears came to my eyes at this amazing articulation of what it feels like to be a cancer patient from diagnosis on. I swear it felt like someone (in this case a middle aged man) crawled inside my head and wrote down everything I have ever wanted to be able to explain. I am not sure why, but I always go with my gut which told me I should pass this article on to you. Maybe you have someone in your life who would benefit from reading this as well. It is worth the read so I hope you have the time. In addition, there is a small article by Lance Armstrong which I think is worth the read as well talking about funding cancer research.

‘My Life with Cancer’ by Jonathan Alter

'We Have to Be Ruthless' by Lance Armstrong

Enjoy the article…sorry I tried to scan the actual article and attach but it was beyond me so just deal with the online ads!

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