Thursday, April 05, 2007

Great T-shirt....F**K CANCER!

Thought this was worth passing along to those of you who share my sense of humor!

I just so happens as I was at the ING marathon last week and I met the guy in the story below who was running in honor of his mother–in –law. In addition, Jill who sent the email below is a friend of mine and is the director of the CURE Childhood Cancer organization who will be receiving 10% of the proceeds made on the sale of these shirts for April, May and June. I hope you guys will all place an order to help support Jill and her organization in just as an added bonus – give the big finger to cancer!

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From: Jill
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Sent: Tue Apr 03 12:50:14 2007
Subject: cancerfreetees

Dear All,On the side of the inaugural ING Marathon and ½ Marathon, a great t-shirtcaught my eye and then I realized I went to high school with the guy wearingit. So on the side of the 10 mile marker, we started talking about at-shirt line he and his wife started in honor of her mother. I will warnyou; this shirt is not for everyone. Although we may all feel this wayabout cancer, it is quite expressive! I’m sending it on to several people,but a select group - it may be a shirt you will wear, give as a gift orforward on for someone else to buy. In addition, the company donates 10% of each purchase to a differentcancer-related organization each quarter and has selected CURE ChildhoodCancer for April, May and June.Please go to <> toplace your order. But remember, be prepared, this t-shirt has a strongvoice.

Jill George
Director, Patient & Family Services
CURE Childhood Cancer
1835 Savoy Drive, Suite 317
Atlanta, GA 30341-1000
800-443-CURE (2873)
770-986-0038 FAX


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