Friday, November 10, 2006


Today is day 98!
I had my first set of scans on Monday and the PET scans showed no activity! GOOD NEWS. The CT scan still shows a slightly enlarged lymph node but no PET activity so Dr. Reddy is happy with the progress. I have to say - so am I!

Plan at this point is to do the bone marrow biopsy next week and then if all clear start with radiation.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 89 and feeling ... kind of fine

89 days since transplant. WOW! First set of scans are on Monday - not sleeping trying not to think about it too much. Who am I kidding I am STRESSING!
Seems like God is putting people in my path lately that can share some of these worries with me. It is very funny for the first part of my illness I didn't know anyone my age going through the same thing. Now - over the course of the last month I have met 2 young women who are both in the midst of cancer treatment. In addition I met a really great guy at the transplant clinic who keeps me laughing (i know you are reading this Shawn so don't let your head get too big)! It's funny how you meet the people you need exactly when you need them.