Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 80 - Life...right around the corner

So today is 80 days since my transplant and I can honestly say.....I knew I would make it, it just felt like I wouldn't everyday for the last 80 days. Although my mind is has caught up, minus the few 'chemo brain' moments my body is not being as thoughtful. I am looking into begining some rehab via pilates over the next couple months to regain my pre-cancer strength and figure (who am I kidding right?).
I am trying to keep tabs on all my transplant buddies. Everyone seems to be experiencing the same 'my body is a daily science experiment' tribulations as I am so that is fun to chat about. I have also met a new friend, Sandra who is 24 and just relapsed Hodgkin's. She is about to enter mobilization and our instant bond has been healing for us both. It has really helped me to watch her and keep my perspective on how far 80 days really is and I think seeing me at 80 days is helping her see the end of the road (at least I hope).
That is all for now...hope this finds you all happy and healthy.


At 7:54 PM, Blogger sandra said...

you just made me cry.. I re-read all your postings and yes, you really are such a big help. Im so blessed to know you, and to know Nicole.
Im so scared, but you make it so much easier... I cant wait to go running with you and/or drinking with you when its all done!


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