Friday, July 28, 2006

My Ultimate Chemo Playlist

So – since I have nothing but time on my hands at the moment I thought I would share my Ultimate Chemo playlist with you all. I like to listen to this when getting ready for chemo and during the infusion. Even before I was sick music always served as such an inspiration for my life. I can listen to certain songs and they take me right back to a feeling or time I may have forgotten.

Gotta Get Thru This – Daniel Benningfield
First of all the title of the song is so appropriate. Second of all, this song brings back memories from what I thought would be my last chemo during my first round of cancer. My little sister came up to help me through my last chemo and at one point did an IV pole dance to this song. As you can imagine it was HILARIOUS and being that many times I am one of the youngest patients in the treatment centers the older patients had quite a look on their faces. It is a memory I will cherish forever and to this day makes me laugh.

Out Of My Hands – Dave Matthews Band
First and foremost this is by my favorite artist. I know many of you make find DMB a little cheesy but I can assure you my love affair with this band began before they were cool. Once they became so popular it was too late, I was in love. This song again appropriate alone for the title is a good reminder for me that control is an illusion which I think is one of the biggest lessons that cancer can teach.

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
The beginning of this song always stirs emotions inside, sometimes a few chill bumps. Life truly is bitter sweet many times. Cancer is no different. It made me clean up, own up and take responsibilities for things I had avoided. Without I would also have not met many of the people that I now can’t imagine my life without. Cindy – my chemo nurse, from the moment we met I knew my life had been blessed. Bill and Sandy – Bill and I were in treatment together during my first round of chemo. I met them when Bill put on a nasty old wig to try and make me smile. I can’t imagine my life without any of them.

Life in Slow Motion – David Gray
This song and album titled “Life in Slow Motion” came out when I was sick the first time and I think I wore a hole in it. First of all it serves as a soundtrack for my cancer experience complete with a song called “Hospital Food”. Second of all, David Gray is a good old Irishman and who doesn’t love an Irishman? Third the cancer experience has been like that for me, slow motion.

Move Along – All American Rejects
I heard this song on the radio recently and it pumped me up. So now I listen to it as I drive to chemo.

Unwritten – Natasha Benningfield
This song helps me focus on my life after cancer. I reminds me that even though some days it feels like this will never end, that once this is over I have a whole life left to live and it has some much possibility.

100 Years – Five for Fighting
Good reminder of life and how precious it is without being too depressing.

Come Monday – Jimmy Buffet
I find this one particularly ironic as most of my chemo’s start on a Monday. I love Buffet, not only does this song remind me that everyday is a new day but it also lets me dream of Corona’s and Margaritas on the back of a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean which sounds like a plan to me.

Lady – Lenny Kravitz
Needless to say it is hard to feel sexy when you are bald but no matter where I am or how bald I am this song always makes me feel sexy. I bald girl can dream. J

Today – Smashing Pumpkins
Even though today may not be “the greatest day I’ve ever known” it is another day I have to share with my friends and family the world and for that I am grateful. Plus this song reminds me of so many good times and nights in my life.

Sweetest Thing – U2
Last but not least this song reminds me of how sweet love is and all the possibilities it brings into your life. Everytime I hear this song I am happy!


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Angela said...

I've been listening to Unwritten a lot lately, too. Awesome song! :-)

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I am making a playlist for my sister while she undergoes chemo for non Hodgkis lymphoma. Blessings!


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