Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Advocate for the Luekemia Lymphoma Society

If you are not already and ADVOCATE for the Luekemia Lymphoma society. Please sign up today!

Friends and Family –

It would be great if you would sign up as an Advocate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Cancer research funding is being cut left and right and we can help make a difference. By signing up as an advocate you will only receive a call to action when federal legislation is being considered related to cancers. These ‘calls to action’ are very simple and once you sign up only take seconds to send an email to your elected officials regarding the legislation. It is very simple!

1. Click HERE
2. Click on the link(s) in the ACTION CENTER related to the legislation you would like to support
3. It will ask you to register if you are a first time advocate – fill in your information. If you are returning it will ask for your email address only.
4. An email will automatically be sent to your elected officials.

You will only receive an email when there is legislation that is being considered – so it may be very rarely.


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